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We must all define the play ground first. We need to redefine our perception of Information Technology (IT) beyond just websites and applications. While websites serve as visible touchpoints, IT encompasses a vast landscape of technological innovation tools crucial to modern society. It's the silent conductor orchestrating banks, bus stations, warehouses, sales channels, device interactions, logistics, water systems, research, healthcare, education, etc. IT extends beyond developers and code; it is the collaboration of diverse disciplines like sociology, art, business, electronics, electricity, etc. , fostering innovation and collaboration across various fields. This product is designed for those with a strong desire to build a strong and comprehensive Odoo ERP system for managing data, workflows, and resources all within a single, customizable web application.




Primary price ( incl: infrastructure cost )

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  • Website/ ERP software Type
  • Cloud VPS Configuration ( first month is included ) This a recurring payment for the server and is affected by your choice
  • Storage Type
  • Choose the region the closeest to your customers ( some regions are cheaper than others
  • Languages
  • Currencies
  • How many internal users to train on usage?
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Storage Type: Depends on your Cloud VPS Configuration, the server provider usually offer free options for each set up that you can upgrade later on and the price ranges between $1.5 to $12 for 1.2 TB NVMe
How many internal users to train on usage?: How many users?

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30-day money-back guarantee
Shipping: 2-3 Business Days


There are two types of fees: one-time and recurrent. One-time fees cover setup and implementation. Recurrent fees include server costs, maintenance, and optional support.


We specialize in creating both e-commerce and offline commerce websites, as well as on-premises systems. However, our capabilities extend far beyond these, offering a wide range of other types of websites and systems. The list is extensive but not limited to the following: