Install Odoo on Linux Operating System
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Welcome to our Odoo installation services, where we ensure true server ownership and control. We understand servers and the Odoo application, prioritizing optimal performance for your business and Odoo App.

We install Odoo on two separate servers:

  • Application Server: Runs the Odoo application.
  • Database Server: Stores and manages your data.


  • IP address with full access rights
  • A landing page to create your Odoo account

51 ₫ 51.25 VND 51 ₫

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  • Cloud VPS Configuration ( first month is included ) This a recurring payment for the server and is affected by your choice
  • Choose the region the closeest to your customers ( some regions are cheaper than others
  • Storage Type
  • Server Provider

This combination does not exist.

Storage Type: Depends on your Cloud VPS Configuration, the server provider usually offer free options for each set up that you can upgrade later on and the price ranges between $1.5 to $12 for 1.2 TB NVMe

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